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Education for undocumented immigrants

What are your thoughts on this important topic, education for undocumented immigrants? There is an easy “Ten Word response” we often hear from politicians who give us the Ten-word answers to complicated issues like health care and immigration. Yes, “repeal Obamacare” but replace it with What? Not so easily done as this congress has just demonstrated. Now wisdom tells us we need to fix what is not working with ATC and not throw out the healthy aspects of this legislation.

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How to Level the College Playing Field

This morning, while reading the Sunday Times education section I was left with dire conclusions about the current state of our 4 year public/private College level delivery model, excluding recent improvements to Community and 2-year college programs (financial aid and quality).

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Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate Banner

Positive Grid

Banner for Google IT Support Professional Certificate featuring a Coursera learner on her laptop in the kitchen.

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