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Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music

You know there’s no way that we can write about Everything but the Girl without posting also on the subject of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music.

Consider first the degrees of separation between Bryan Ferry and Bono? It’s only 1° of separation really and that’s Brian Eno, the estimable producer of most of Roxy music’s discography and a good deal of early U2.

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Beautiful Fungi among us

This beautiful Fungus was captured by my iPhone 4s Camera, after a voracious night of rain. Thank you Apple. We were walking with our dogs on the Pump Station trail. These after rain walks were a chief pleasure of our household since you were highly likely to find visual splendors like this one. Someone in the Household has the full archive. What a treasure trove. This one is one of my favorites as it resembles coral in shape and color.

File this under, too good not to share.

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Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate Banner

Positive Grid

Banner for Google IT Support Professional Certificate featuring a Coursera learner on her laptop in the kitchen.

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