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Lucinda Williams

If you don’t know Lucinda Williams, my sincere apologies. Never too late to learn about such a fine artist. Here is a quick introduction by way of Charlie Rose. The next video, a track from Car Wheels on a Gravel Road, 2 Cool 2 B Forgotten, was the closer for many a memorable porch party. Amazing track.

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Lucinda Willliams

Lucinda Williams is beyond brilliant by any metric in the singer/songwriter category. Songwriting skills, lyrical content, performance, rock and roll performance muscle, choice of sideman musicians. Find me a stronger performer in any of the aformentioned categories and they will find a home on Durham Cool.

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You don’t have to be drunk to listen to Lucinda Williams but it doesn’t hurt. Long road trips, maybe on the back deck with your new love. LISTENING, for the first time; spring, fall, summertime.

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