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Your invitation to a free clearing the clutter session Score 100%

Your invitation to a free clearing the clutter session

Invitation to a Free Clearing the Clutter Session:

Are you ready to:

 STOP letting old hurts and resentments run the show?
 STOP being negatively affected by the world around you?
 STOP sacrificing your time and energy, to please others?
 STOP doing things because you’re afraid of not being liked, loved, or accepted by others?
 STOP saying yes when you want to say no and START speaking up from a place of love?
 HAVE more time and energy to spend the way that you choose?
 HAVE more fun, joy, and laughter in your life?
 HAVE empowered, authentic and loving relationships?

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My addiction

.The first book I read as a child that I truly recall was Rudyard Kipling’s Kim in Miss Axelrod’s accelerated reading section, first grade class. Great story, strong protagonist, and definitive hero’s journey (see hooked). “Only in the Indian subcontinent could such a protagonist be found; of Irish descent, who is identified as English, speaks Urdu like a Muslim, is ministered to by Hindus and finally leaves everything in search of salvation with a Buddhist monk.

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