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Silvia Perez Cruz for my mom!

Two YouTube videos which capture the natural flow of life in the surrounds, while this angel, incarnated here on earth, lifts us up over the small talk and petty postures of ego into the sublime. Explain to me how you could not be moved by this Perdoname Luna performance by Las Migas, fronted by Silvia Perez Cruz. Listen to the birds singing in harmonic/discordant response in the Perdoname Luna (2nd video) while this flamenco group, Las Migas performs; a private concert shared with the world. This is a masterclass in vocal performance, with tenderness and strength expressed as the lyric required. Watch the video closely several times in quick succession.  Each time your eye will catch each musician’s fealty to the effort, each other and especially the featured voice- leading all with humility and qualified mastery.  This is one I will not tire from.  Linger in joy along with me.

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Who is Silvia Perez Cruz?

Silvia Perez Cruz (born 15 February 1983) is a Spanish singer. In 2012, she recorded her first solo album, 11 de Novembre, which was nominated for album of the year in both Spain and France. One of her compositions, “No Te Puedo Encontrar”, received a Goya Award for best original song. In 2014, she released her album Granada. Both releases have been in collaboration with Raül Fernández Miró.

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Silvia Perez Cruz; an understandable obsession

The Silvia Perez Cruz voice: plaintive, lush, passionate, unbridled, aloft, soaring, lyrical, redolent of love lost, conquer, sadness, history. The terra firma, air, and water of Spain! We are justifiably held in abeyant amor. Forgive the lurid, purple prose as it seems justified in this case. Love; the art transcendent. Silvia Perez Cruz suitors get in line behind the Durham Cool team.

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Cucurrucucu Paloma

This morning I started surfing YouTube in search of other orchestral arrangements of this song performed with Caetano Veloso. I found several comparable to this live to film version feautured below, from Pedro Almodovar, and then a new discovery of this young singer from Spain.

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