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Tesla’s Energy solutions make sense! Score 99%

Tesla’s Energy solutions make sense!

Alternative energy sources are in our best survival self-interest. Finite energy sources no longer (see the last 40 years) make economic, climate sense. Financing a new coal power plant is so much more expensive and environmentally unsound than wind, solar power plant coupled with a storage solution (see lithium-Ion battery.

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Suitcase portable Solar Panel system on Sale Now!

Adjustable, Corrosion-Resistant aluminum stand as well as a heavy-duty handle and latches for longevity. Folded size: 19. 9 x 27. 2 x 2. 8 inches. Ideal output: 500 Watt-hours per day (depends on sunlight availability)
Compatible with gel, sealed, Lithium, and flooded batteries. Charge controller with an LCD display for displaying operating Information and data

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Solar NC

The solar industry finished 2016 with its best quarter of all time. We now have enough solar to power 6.5 million homes. The future for solar has never shined brighter.

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Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certificate Banner

Positive Grid

Banner for Google IT Support Professional Certificate featuring a Coursera learner on her laptop in the kitchen.

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