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The Beauty of a Treadmill Desk

Have you been hearing things in the news lately about Treadmill desks but can’t really imagine how they work? The concept sounds strange at first but is actually quite simple. The biggest challenge in even considering a Treadmill desks is the mental shift required.


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New Year’s Resolutions with practical solutions

Recently we published an article about Treadmill desks on Durham Cool, written by my sister in law, Heather Langan. January is the “do or die” manifestation month for your New Year’s resolution. One’s normative experience with resolutions is they appear in the well-intentioned mind on New Year’s eve and disappear quickly into the lost dryer machine sock ether the next month. It takes an Army of life coaches to keep you honest on your commitments. Only the best households with plenty of Facebook photographic evidence to show for it, keep their New Year’s Eve commitments. What about the rest of us? A new habit takes at least 30 days to take hold, right? We have all heard this before.

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