Teddy Thompson
Teddy is an artist we should all know-for the tender sadness of his songs and his plaintive delivery. One listen and your heart is slain. Most know that Teddy comes from a noble musical family bloodline, the son of folk legends Richard and Linda Thompson (Shoot out the Lights). Richard Thompson is renowned for his vocal strength and most especially acoustic guitar picking acumen. Linda’s voice is well loved for its beauty and potency. Teddy has inherited gifts from both but adds his own Roy Orbison esque vocal octave range and rockabilly yodel effects. Teddy has the songwriting skills to capture romantic longing and nuance of modern love affairs.
Tonight, especially right at this very moment this is my favorite Teddy track as it does a right good job of capturing my emotional state right at this very moment. I’ve already played it three times as it does a great job of summing up the mood. Do you feel it too? Give it a listen or two and you soon will be in the same place as me. It’s a waltz, of course, your grandmother could dance to. Soon enough, she would be in Teddy Heaven with you.
  Teddy Thompson, Jerry Douglas, Mary Chapin Carpenter She Thinks I Still Care
Teddy covers Leonard Cohen