Did you know that a recent survey has revealed that a staggering 37% of teenagers are struggling with poor mental health? It’s a concerning statistic that demands urgent attention. That’s why we’ve curated an exceptional 6-week course that aims to combat this growing mental health crisis head-on. Drawing on the invaluable insights from Dr. Laurie Santos’ renowned Yale course ‘Psychology and the Good Life,’ our program brings you an immersive learning experience like no other. By exploring the fascinating field of psychology, you’ll discover the secrets to happiness, effective stress management techniques, and the art of thriving not just in high school but well beyond. Each impactful lesson is thoughtfully accompanied by bite-sized weekly ‘happiness homework’ assignments, providing you with practical tools to apply these scientific findings in your daily life. Our ultimate mission is to empower you and help you build healthier habits, so you can truly feel better and embrace a brighter future. It’s not just teenagers who can benefit from this course – parents, teachers, and professionals supporting young adults will find the course immensely valuable too. Please note that while this course offers invaluable knowledge, it does not confer any Yale University grade, credit, or student status. Enroll today and embark on a life-changing journey towards improved mental well-being!
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Apr 13, 2023

I admire Professor Laurie Santos, every time I am in a certain situation, I would slow down, recall her voice and her smile in my mind and ask myself, hmmm what did she say about this one 😉



Apr 13, 2023

This was a great course not only for work that I do but just to get a better understanding of my own children and what they are living/going through in today’s society! I highly recommend it



Feb 20, 2023


This course has helped me so much I would definitely recommend it. This has helped so many struggles I had been facing. I am very grateful I found this course and could participate in it.


By Ashleigh H

Laurie Santos

Laurie Santos

Professor, Yale University

Dr. Laurie Santos is Chandrika and Ranjan Tandon, Professor of Psychology and Head of Silliman College at Yale University. Professor and podcast host Dr. Laurie Santos is an expert on the cognitive biases that impede happiness. Her Yale course, “Psychology and the Good Life,” teaches students what the science of psychology says about how to make wiser choices and live a happier and more fulfilling life. The class is Yale’s most popular course in over 300 years. Dr. Santos has been featured in numerous news outlets, including the New York Times, NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, NPR, GQ Magazine, Slate, CNN and O, and The Oprah Magazine. Dr. Santos is a winner of numerous awards for her science and teaching from institutions such as Yale and the American Psychological Association. She has been featured as one of Popular Science’s “Brilliant 10” young minds and was named TIME’s “Leading Campus Celebrity.” Dr. Laurie Santos is the podcast host for The Happiness Lab, which launched in 2019 has over 90+ million downloads.