Durham Cool published this article back in October 2014, when this business had just launched. Since opening we have observed the pedicabs throughout the Bull city. Now we want to hear from the pedicab transportation ambassadors and you the patrons of this unique transport system.

Since our inception in late summer 2014, 10 Toes Tours has made sustainable transportation in Durham a reality, while providing an enjoyable experience to all of our patrons. Whether it is a ride to dinner, a nighttime establishment, a friend’s apartment or just to grab a bite to eat, a ride with 10 Toes Tours Pedicabs is the right decision. We also provide transportation for groups, wedding parties, sporting events, and parking lots.

We specialize in awesome historic tours of downtown Durham. As a company, our mission is threefold: provide fun transportation throughout the downtown area for visitors and residents of Durham, deter impaired driving, and operate a new sustainable business in Durham. 10 Toes Tours Pedicabs are managed by “Transportainment Ambassadors” – well trained, well spoken, outgoing individuals who will undoubtedly leave you with a good impression. 10 Toes Tours Pedicab Transportainment Ambassadors are carefully screened and trained in foot-delivered transportation rules, regulations and safety protocols. We take pride in having the most outgoing, well-mannered and awesome drivers of any Pedicab business.

Pedicab rides are a relaxing, romantic, and nostalgic form of transportation enjoyed safely by people of all ages and walks of life. We call it “transportainment” – a marriage between” transportation” and “entertainment”. How much does this cost? We go by the “Trips for Tips” motto at 10 Toes Tours, so just explain to your driver where you need to go and then tip your driver when you arrive at your destination. We also feature rolling advertising promotions for area businesses. See our advertising page for more information. Our goal is to get you to your destination safely while showcasing beautiful downtown Durham.

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