Tesla's big Battery saves Australia big bucks in the first year

Tesla Auto has been my small Youtube obsession for the last 6 months. Must concede, I am massively impressed with the Model 3 performance EV, for energy saving, styling, and technical reasons. My next car must be a Model 3 performance, black with a white Vegan pleather interior. Right now the distance between charges is around 305 miles within speed limit driving (et al). This works for me, with the growing number of Tesla supercharger stations throughout the nation. (see wishful thinking).  We must dream, right?


Alternative energy sources are in our best survival self-interest. Finite energy sources no longer (see the last 40 years) make economic, climate sense. Financing a new coal power plant is so much more expensive and environmentally unsound than wind, solar power plant coupled with a storage solution (see lithium-Ion battery). Tesla has a big battery solution (watch the South Australian video below for evidence). Wind and Solar on their own are great when the wind and sun are cooperating. That’s where a storage solution comes in to capture the kilowatt energy when the sun and wind are prime so that distribution may occur when energy costs/use are at their highest (see dinner time and summer heat).  Notice that the solutions come from entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Don’t you think we need leaders like Andrew Yang to solve our climate crisis with real-world energy solutions? Guess who recently endorsed Andrew Yang?  Yes, Elon Musk.





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david-von-diemar-Tesla interior Model 3 black steering wheel and Tesla control display-unsplash
Tesla Auto at Charging stations by andreas-dress-Unsplash

Tesla Auto at Charging stations by andreas-dress-Unsplash