Café - Modern Glass 30" Built-In Single Electric Convection Wall Oven - Platinum glass


  •  Covered bake element.
  •  Temperature probe.
  •  Excellent broiling.
  •  Very Good oven capacity.
  •  Very Good self-clean performance.
  •  Numeric keypad for entering bake temperatures and time.
  •  5 or more rack positions.


  •  Relatively long preheat time to 325 degrees F for Convection Bake mode.

CR’s Take

This 30-inch electric wall oven has the following:

  • Covered bake element.
  • Convection mode.
  • Temperature probe.
  • Excellent broiling.
  • Very Good oven capacity.
  • Very Good self-clean performance.
  • Glass touch control panel.
  • Numeric keypad for entering bake temperatures and time.
  • 5 or more rack positions.
  • The oven can be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone.
  • Hot-air frying mode



Baking: This model had Good performance in our baking tests, which reflects even the browning of cakes and cookies baked on two oven racks.

Broiling: This model had Excellent performance for broiling, which reflects high-heat searing and even browning of a tray of burgers.

Oven capacity: This model had Very Good performance for oven capacity, our gauge of usable oven space.

Self-cleaning: This model had a Very Good performance in its ability to remove a mixture of baked-on eggs, cheese, pie filling, and other ingredients using its self-cleaning cycle.

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Roast on cooking sheet__with Cafe Wall oven door open