How blockchain can transform multi-trillion dollar industries | Alex & Don Tapscott Explain


Tech evangelists Alex and Don Tapscott discuss the most important use cases of blockchain technology, its vulnerabilities, and why CBDCs will need this technology to succeed.

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Blockchain Revolution for the Enterprise

Don Tapscott introduces the Blockchain Research Institute’s newest initiative, in partnership with INSEAD and Coursera. “Blockchain Revolution for the Enterprise” is an online educational program designed to help you master the fundamentals of blockchain in business, with no technical experience required!

Blockchain Revolution Specialization

Blockchain is poised to transform every industry and managerial function—redefining the ways we transact online, share ideas, and manage workflows. It’s a new technology that every business professional needs to understand.

This four-course Specialization introduces you to the world of blockchain technology—explaining what blockchain is, how it works, and why it’s revolutionary. You will learn about various categories of crypto-assets, and the ways they can be transacted on a blockchain. You will learn how blockchain is disrupting business models and financial services, offering organizations new choices in how they create and manage value.

The Specialization is taught by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, globally recognized authorities on innovation and technology and authors of the best-selling book Blockchain Revolution. It also includes various industry experts and developers from the Ethereum Foundation, Grid Singularity, Keyless Technologies, and ResonanceX who will share their experiences within the blockchain ecosystem.

Additionally, you will gain access to ground-breaking research from the Blockchain Research Institute as well as the Blockchain Case Commons—a crowdsourced collection of blockchain applications and use-cases spanning multiple industries. Upon completion of this Specialization, you will produce a Blockchain Opportunity Analysis, in which you identify and evaluate a promising application of blockchain technology in your own industry.


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Blockchain technology is powering our future. As the technology behind cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, open software platforms like Ethereum, and disruptive companies like Ripple, it’s too important to ignore.

In this revelatory book, Don Tapscott, the bestselling author of Wikinomics, and his son, blockchain expert Alex Tapscott, bring us a brilliantly researched, highly readable, and essential book about the technology driving the future of the economy.

Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolution­ary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamperproof public ledger of value. Though it’s best known as the technology that drives bitcoin and other digital cur­rencies, it also has the potential to go far beyond currency, to record virtually everything of value to humankind, from birth and death certifi­cates to insurance claims, land titles, and even votes.

Blockchain is also essential to understand if you’re an artist who wants to make a living off your art, a consumer who wants to know where that hamburger meat really came from, an immigrant who’s tired of paying big fees to send money home to your loved ones, or an entrepreneur looking for a new platform to build a business. And those examples are barely the tip of the iceberg.

As with major paradigm shifts that preceded it, blockchain technology will create winners and losers. This book shines a light on where it can lead us in the next decade and beyond.

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