Today we heard Genius Killer for the first time thanks to WICB, one of the nation’s best College Radio stations, still making news and great musical programs daily. WICB 91.7 Ithaca College, “the Station for Innovation,” for introducing us to the Mommyheads Genius Killer track. The Genius killer tracks build with orchestral momentum, synchronous guitar lines, and melodic vocals. Complex lyrics, tight arrangement,  and the lead vocalist Adam Cohen AKA Adam Elk. Which late 70’s early 80’s singer-songwriter does Adam sound to conjure up? Cool media LLC spent the better part of our morning’s mini-research time with the question, “who does Adam Cohen (Elk) aurally conjure up?” Finally, after consulting two of our senior research analysts, memories returned to a Barton Hall 03/80 concert headlined by the Kinks, opened by none other than Steve Forbert. Now that we resolved why Genius Kill rose to the winner’s circle front page of Durham Cool, it is time to get into the Mommyheads and the Genius Kill track. Adam Elk and Steve Forbert share a common vocal timbre, at least to my senior ear.

We look forward to your impression after listening to Genius Kill and the Steve Forbert tracks we have included for your comparison and listening pleasure.  Somewhere in the collectively shared consciousness, we had intended to share Steve Forbert’s music with our readers but did not know until Mommyheads came along to awaken our Genius aural connector. Now you have two great artists to listen to, thanks to WICB, Mommyhead’s excellent track Genius Kill and our crackpot team of music fact-checkers/consultants.

The Mommyheads are an indie pop band that played from around 1987 through 1998, disbanded for a decade, and then reformed in 2008. Starting in New York City as the brainchild of singer Adam Cohen (who later changed his name to Adam Elk to avoid confusion with Leonard Cohen’s son, a musician also named Adam), the band produced a string of quirky and highly inventive releases on various independent labels, most notably Simple Machines. Their music has been compared to XTC and 80s King Crimson. They relocated to San Francisco in 1990. The band signed to Geffen Records in 1997, producing a single album for the label before breaking up in 1998. They reunited to record a new CD in 2008.

Jan Kotík, the original drummer for the Mommyheads, died on December 13, 2007, after being ill with cancer for three years.

Current Band

Adam Elk (Cohen) – guitar, vocal, plus occasional mandolin, melodica, autoharp, piano (1987–1998, 2008–current)
Michael Holt – keyboards, vocals, occasional guitar (1990–1998, 2008–current)
Dan Fisherman – drums, harmony vocals (1990–1998, 2008–current)
Jason McNair – bass (2010–current)
Jackie Simons – guitar, keys (2021–current)


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Genius Killer · The Mommyheads

Genius Killer

℗ 2022 The Mommyheads

Released on: 2022-09-16

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The Mommyheads on Apple Music

Genius KIller Lyrics

Every day is the same
With everything that you do
Everyone that you meet
Is a genius, except you

Visionaries on the brink
Way ahead of their time
Pulling pearls from their oysters
In the peak of their prime

Tipping, tipping, tipping past the point
Thinking that they’ll never ever fail
Building pyramids out of promises
So they’ll never never go to jail

The natives are getting restless
For a modern-day thriller
You’re a gift horse; you’re a goldmine
You’re the Genius Killer
Grind up every masterpiece
Until they’re filler
You’re a gift horse; you’re a goldmine
You’re the Genius Killer

There’s a genius on the stand
As we turn a blind eye
There’s a genius who broke the rules
When we know they won’t apply

Every retina gets counted
Every swipe of the thumb
If we’re so educated
Then we must be playing dumb

We always always always must succeed
Never never, never can we fail
Giving false hope to people in need
Is just a trick of the tail

The natives are getting restless
For a modern-day thriller
You’re a gift horse; you’re a goldmine
You’re the Genius Killer
Grind up every masterpiece
Until they’re filler
You’re a gift horse; you’re a goldmine
You’re the Genius Killer


Genius KIller (2022)
The Mommyheads

Mommyheads band edit for twitter

“The Mommyheads Specialize In Perfectly Cut Gems Of Avant-Pop. This Record, Like Their Last, Is An Embarrassment Of Riches.”


“The Mommyheads Are Back, Which Is Good News”

“It’s Not Hard To Imagine A Stage Production Or Short Film Using The Relevance Of Age Of Isolation As Inspiration”
-INK 19



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The Mommyheads “Idealist “
from the Album “Genius Killer”
Out Sept 20th, 2022

Directed by Patrik Karlson
Performance Artist – Jenny Nilsson
Filmed at Karavan Stage Art Company – Malmo Sweden



The Mommyheads

Genius Killer


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“The Mommyheads Are A True Indie
Rock National Treasure.”

“The Mommyheads Were 20 Years Ahead Of Their Time”

“The Overall High Musicianship Level
Of This Band Is Shocking.”

“Not All Brand Re-Formations Have To Suck.”

“They’re An Iconic Indie Institution.”

“Man, They Rock Like Motherfuckers Onstage.”

“Look No More For The Untouchable Pop Indie Band”

“Their Complex, Rich, And Addictive Melodic Sound Has Stayed Powerful Throughout Their Lengthy Career”

“When Encountering This Outpouring Of Melodic Sophistication And Creativity – Both In The Actual Instruments And What Is Done With Them, It’s Near Revelatory.”

“It Represents The Mommyheads At Their Most Succinct And
The Results Are Genuinely Unpretentious And
Thoroughly Addictive.”


“The Band Doesn’t Miss A Step And Ends Up With A Surprise Contender For Year-End Consideration.”


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Distill Your Love into That Dying Light · The Mommyheads

Genius Killer

℗ 2022 The Mommyheads

Released on: 2022-09-16

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The Timetraveler on KRVM

Mommyheads band member sitting on couch

That Sweet Love You Give (Sure Goes A Long, Long Way

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That Sweet Love You Give (Sure Goes A Long Long Way) · Steve Forbert

Jack Rabbit Slim

℗ Rolling Tide Music

Released on: 1979-12-07

Composer: Steve Forbert

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1. No Wrong 1:43 2. No Expectations 10:39 3. Can’t Take You With Me 19:04 Watch Bahamas live at Paste Studio NYC! More performance sessions and interviews here:…



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Words and music by Michael Holt. Video by Cora Simone and Michael Holt. From the Mommyheads album “New Kings of Pop.”
Click SHOW MORE to read the lyrics!


She’s in a room of suits and ties on men of twice her size
She opens her eyes, and all the truth comes out
She doesn’t act cute. She doesn’t smile
Bores right through Denial Mountain, her tunnel lets the air rush in

And every time I hear her speak, the water hits my cheek
Insanity breaks and things make sense again
And so her wish is my command, this full-grown man just has to
Follow the lead of a little girl

Obey the girl

What did I do to let her through, how did I make myself an
Instrument tuned so when she plucks I ring?
How can I find an orchestra that’s big enough to play the
Symphony she can hear inside her head?

She’s not just young, she’s also old and when she scolds
I hear a mother echo, I hear a grandmother
A line of women stretching back into the cave and yelling,
“Wake up, this fire’s gonna burn our world!”

Obey the girl

Soft swaying dark filled with vanishing eyes
Leviathans whose number makes her cry
Grant her safe passage, wild whales
Hold her, send wind to fill her sails
Great rising blue, reach the brim of her heart

We’re in a room of ABCs and 123s
The man says, “Take some looseleaf and put your name on it
Now write this test and do your best ’cause if you fail you’re gonna
Wind up in jail or on the filthy street!”

But nature calls, the voice is small inside your head
It’s like the itch of a kid, she wanna go outside
And there’s a tree that you can see from in your seat
You smell its flowers and leaves beginning to unfurl

Obey the girl
Greta Thunberg
The Mommyheads
New Kings of Pop
[Merlin] Redeye Distribution (on behalf of Fanfar!); BMI – Broadcast Music Inc.
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