Saturday 07/20/2013 United House of Prayer for All People performance at Durham Central Park

In the Bible, Psalm 150 tells the faithful to praise the Lord with trumpet, harp, tambourine, stringed instrument, and cymbal. In the United House of Prayer for All People, it’s all about the trombones.

The United House of Prayer For All People Brass Band at The Durham Farmer’s Market


This was my first exposure to this gifted Gospel Brass band, The United House of Prayer for all people, at the Durham craft market (across from the DFM awning) Saturday 07/20/2013.  I recorded this performance on my Apple 4S iPhone. We, unfortunately, cut this video short due to other pressing Saturday to-do list items.  What was captured in this short video is the people of Durham’s warm embrace of this blessed music.  The young lady with the little red riding hood cape is too perfect for words as are the slide trombonist’s inspired solos.

This is worth bringing back out of the Durham Cool Video Archives, The Spiritual Sound Brass Band performing at DFM 2013 and 2014.

The United House of Prayer band playing “It will Never loose its POWER”


Enjoy this moment as a few of the United House of Prayer musicians remind us that EVEN IN THIS PANDEMIC, 🗣”THE BLOOD WILL NEVER LOOSE IT’S POWER”

Bailey Clouds of Heaven brass band