iOS Developer 2022 Roadmap to GET A JOB

This program is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to develop Apps using Swift and iOS. Through four courses, you will learn topics beginning with the absolute basics and ending with selling your apps on the app store. This program provides the skills you’ll need to advance your programming career and seek employment in Swift and iOS application development.

Throughout this hands-on program, you’ll have the opportunity to practice key job skills. You’ll learn about the Swift language and how to code iOS applications. You’ll create user interfaces and interact with user and system data using tables and data persistence. You’ll develop fully functional applications and learn how to monetize them with in-app ads, purchases, and subscriptions.

By the end of this Professional Certificate program, you will have completed several projects showcasing your proficiency in Swift 5 and iOS programming. You will have developed the skills necessary to begin a career as a Swift and/or iOS application developer. You will also be able to share evidence of your success with your professional network and potential employers. 15+ Best iOS & Swift Courses & Certifications Online in 2022 -
  • How to setup your environment and develop code in Swift 5
  • How to perform various calculations and build iOS applications
  • How to work with data in iOS, including tables and networking
  • How to monetize your apps with in-app adds purchases, and subscriptions