Time out of Mind

Time out of Mind, Dylan works with Daniel Lanois, the studio alchemist, to resuscitate his career. This is common wisdom that Daniel Lanois helped Dylan reinvigorate his ailing musical career. Had Dylan lost his way in Born again Christian soul expression, prior to Time out of Mind? It is undisputed fact that Time out of Mind, was Dylan’s first release of self-written material since Under a Red Sky in 1990. Time Out of Mind is the 30th studio album by Bob Dylan, released on September 30, 1997. The material on Time out of Mind is worth our attention. The songwriting is strong, potent, and as good as the best Dylan songbook.

Bob Dylan – Live In The Same Old Cage – Time Out Of Mind 1998-2019

01. Love Sick (Detroit 15 May 2015)
02. Standing In The Doorway (London 06 November 2000)
03. Million Miles (London 24 November 2003)
04. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven (Lisbon 07 April 1999)
05. ‘Til I Fell In Love With You (Mainz 20 June 2015)
06. Not Dark Yet (Pennsylvania November 15 2019)
07. Cold Irons Bound (Cardiff 23 September 2000)
08. Make You Feel My Love (Rotterdam 15 June 1998)
09. Can’t-Wait (Palo Alto 14 October 2019)
10. Highlands (Columbia 24 April 2001)
Bob Dylan Time out of Mind period

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rare magnificent Bob Dylan LIVE “Standing in the Doorway” 19 Sept 2000 Newcastle

classic rare live performance of “Standing in the Doorway” crying, from album “Time Out of Mind”. Bob Dylan. Elston Gunn