Trevor Hall recommendations

22 (Over Soon) by Bon Iver

Bon Iver is one of my biggest inspirations. He takes sound and music to places I never thought it could go. This song is one of my absolute favorites just because of the journey he takes us on and the deeper story of how this song came about

Ud Jayega Hans Akela by Kumar Gandharva

Hands down my favorite song ever by my favorite singer ever. The word ‘Gandharva’ means ‘heavenly musician’ and Kumar is definitely that for me.

He has a voice like no other and this is my favorite song he sings. It is a song written by Kabir who was a famous poet-saint of India. This song represents for me the complete and pure freedom of the inner soul.


Heartland Feeling by Jon Swift

This a cover of a Beck song. I first heard this song in one of my favorite surf movies called Shelter. Music is storytelling and no song tells a story like this one.
I love this song because it has so many different emotions. It’s funny, sad, serious, playful all at the same time. For some reason it has a very zen quality to it for me and whenever I’m stressed or overwhelmed this song always puts my mind at ease. I sometimes cover this song in my live shows.


I Shall Not Walk Alone by Ben Harper
Too much to say about this song. I first heard this song when I was 15 or 16 years old. I was working in a surf shop where I grew up in South Carolina and it was a really slow day. I was bored and all alone and started exploring the CDs next to the stereo. I picked up this album The Will to Live and for some reason, the stereo played the last song first.

When I heard this song… everything stopped. It changed everything for me. I wanted to make people feel how I felt when listening to this song. This song really signifies the beginning of something for me.



Bon Iver’s third LP is as bold as it is beautiful. Made during a five-year period when Justin Vernon contemplated ditching the project altogether, 22, A Million perfects the sound alloyed on 2011’s Bon Iver: ethereal but direct, layered but stripped-back, as processed as EDM yet naked as a fallen branch. The songs here run together as though being uncovered in real time, with highlights—“29 #Strafford APTS,” “8 (circle)”—flashing in the haze.