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Tedeschi Trucks Band – Let Me Get By – Live From The Fox Oakland


This track is emotive sweet ear candy for anyone that has ever wanted to move before the crowd thought it wise, feasible, or otherwise anything close to a good idea. Remember the biggest obstacle to your own success is in your mind.  Moving forward successfully requires addressing the limiting beliefs created by your EGO mind and the world surround you.  External obstacles are present to remind you to seek the answers within.

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 YouTube Tedeschi Trucks Band - "Keep On Growing" - Live From The Fox Oakland Watch (10:28) Uploaded by: Tedeschi Trucks Band, Feb 7, 2017 1.13M Views·7.12K Likes Tedeschi Trucks Band perform "Keep On Growing" from their upcoming CD/DVD release "Live From The Fox Oakland." Pre-order the album and concert film here: htt...
Now you’re thinking, another article about Tedeschi Trucks Band? I know this band is worthy of our attention but do they warrant 7 articles on Durham Cool? The answer is yes they do. Each performance, most especially one’s like these from a special two-night gig at the Fox Oakland, deserves special attention.

This song is especially excellent for the on-stage subliminal synergy between, Kofi Burbridge & Tim Lefevre! We especially want to feature tracks with UNC alum, Kofi Burbridge, who died too young and as evidenced here in his prime. Let me get by has energy, swagger, and verve. Watch the young T.T.B. spirit, upfront swaying, and singing along with Susan Tedeschi and you have your answer to why TTB deserves another weekend Durham Cool music up close article.


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