Many of you already know that Durham Cool Media is a company that develops websites, business Facebook pages and cultivates desirable traffic for business owners across all pertinent social media platforms .   Now Durham Cool Media has a new FB page.  Visit the new Facebook Page Here. Here is a recent post from one of Durham Cool Media’s clients: “Among all the chores involved in opening a B&B, the one I dreaded most was somehow managing to create a website for the business. It would be an understatement to say that my ignorance of such matters is nearly total, and that my techno-phobia is appallingly obvious. Therefore, I was awfully pleased when a friend who’d worked with Paul told me that he was not only very competent…..but also helpful, informative, accessible, affordable, and (most importantly in my case) PATIENT. Quite frankly, I needed someone who was both a skilled web designer (mine is rather complex site) and a forbearing hand-holder. Paul proved to be stellar at both skills. I’m thoroughly pleased (moreso than I could have expected, in fact) by the website Paul designed and has since maintained. He’s very good at explaining things to someone who, like me, knows little to nothing about websites. This hasn’t at all been the case with most other website designers I’ve known. Obviously, Paul’s technical expertise/experience is considerable. Additionally, he’s very intuitive about marketing, and obviously adept at broadening a website’s “outreach” on different platforms. It became obvious, quite early on, that Paul isn’t intent on simply doing what you asked for (as though I’d know what to request these days?) and taking your money; I can’t recall the number of times he helpfully called to suggest an improvement or addition that hadn’t occurred to me. He wants the job done RIGHT before he moves on to other projects. For what it’s worth?…..I can’t think of a single investment/purchase I’ve made over the past fifteen years that’s been as completely satisfying as hiring Paul to “do” my website.” Sincerely, David Terry The Webb House B&B 117 E. Queen Street Hillsborough, NC