Author: Highervibrations1

Yo Yo Ma, Bach Project

Continuing the Durham Cool tradition of featuring music posts on the Weekends, here is A sublime sonic selection from Yo Yo Ma, Bach-Suite for Cello in G Major. If you have not heard this prior, close your eyes and drink this fully into your heart and mind. Same advice for the initiated.

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Silvia Perez Cruz for my mom!

Two YouTube videos which capture the natural flow of life in the surrounds, while this angel, incarnated here on earth, lifts us up over the small talk and petty postures of ego into the sublime. Explain to me how you could not be moved by this Perdoname Luna performance by Las Migas, fronted by Silvia Perez Cruz. Listen to the birds singing in harmonic/discordant response in the Perdoname Luna (2nd video) while this flamenco group, Las Migas performs; a private concert shared with the world. This is a masterclass in vocal performance, with tenderness and strength expressed as the lyric required. Watch the video closely several times in quick succession.  Each time your eye will catch each musician’s fealty to the effort, each other and especially the featured voice- leading all with humility and qualified mastery.  This is one I will not tire from.  Linger in joy along with me.

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