Balls of Steel

I found my balls just where we thought they would be, in a box at the back of the shelf above my closet. Dust collected around and on top of the box and the balls themselves were at the very bottom of this large box container, beneath old Forgotten tomes, cds, cassettes, and New Yorker magazine issues.  I almost forget to mention the box was sealed with a yellow marking tape which contained a warning, in bold black sharpie marker, “open only when absolutely necessary in the most dire circumstances when all other options have been exhausted”.   The circumstances met the aformentioned requirements so we opened the box. At last it was time to enter the world again with our proverbial balls at the ready.  Remember the last time we employed our balls to solve a sticky problem, no pun intended?  How well did that go came the devils advocate response?   We all know the answer. So enemies and friends alike be forewarned his balls have been found, reinstalled and it is now time for a good, balls foreword, rumble!  Are you ready sisters and brothers?