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Shawn James hosts My Self Reliance!

My name is Shawn James and I am a Canadian outdoorsman, photographer, self-reliance educator, blogger and freelance writer for Ontario Tourism and outdoor magazines. In 2017 I began building a log cabin in the Canadian woods without power tools and I documented my journey on Youtube. Below are some of my videos.

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Yang is making sense!

Andrew Yang is making sense. Last night’s debate demonstrated to this voter why Yang deserves our full attention. Two main Yang points that make sense to me, Universal Income and how the Robot Apocalypse can bring our divided nation together.

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NC Launches free Solar panels for Middle-Class Homeowners.

The Sign and Shine program is an innovative new way to power your home and it’s now available for North Carolina homeowners! With this program, you can get solar installed for $0 out of pocket, save money on your electric bills, and generate your own clean energy. Thousands have signed up for this program and, as a North Carolina homeowner, so can you.

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