Do you prefer gadgets to good ideas (solutions for our biggest existential problems)?  I am guilty as most of us on losing myself in the latest and greatest technological audio/ video gadget.  Yet, what about global warming?   Does anyone not believe that global warming has already influenced and continues to catalyze the size and ferocity of our hurricanes, tropical storms, forest fires? We do have a few head in the sand non-believers and the national leader in chief to back em up.  Wake up and take action today. Hard to fathom a solution that may make a dent in our carbon footprint, perhaps even get us to carbon negative?   Is there any credible scientist/visionary working on such a solution?  Glad you asked because there is such a person and his name is Tom Chi. Jeffersonian brilliant, confident sans arrogance.  Humble?  You be the judge? My thinking on the problem we have RIGHT Now with global warming.   It’s way too late for a 10 year debate on the most economical viable solution.  Time to get busy with realizable solutions like Mission restore Planet Earth.