James Vickery-Until Morning

“While listening to a track from Zak Abel I searched for “British Soul Artists to watch 2019”, and once again a truly soulful voice is discovered by Durham cool in James Vickery. Thanks to Complex for the review as this voice transcends norms, for reasons you too will discover, on this “Until Morning” track.  James Vickery already has 13,655,370  views of Until Morning Colors Video, so we are Johnny come lately but perhaps not too late for U.S. D.C. readers?  This track, Until Morning, deserves a second and third listen.  Allow this smooth operator to wash over you.  Sisters, understand.  This vocalist vocal command is masterly. He is flowing on this performance.  For the newbies, watch the forecast in his arms and hands. Learn from a chill vibe master. 

“James Vickery’s voice will grab you from the very first note. It is rich, powerful, and incredibly soulful, echoing the likes of Rag’n’Bone Man and Sam Smith (but with a lot more soul). Debut EP Complexion was released at the end of 2017 and helped set the tone; he went on to top Spotify’s Viral 50 chart in the UK and received radio support out the gate. Vickery cleverly rode the momentum into his second project, last year’s Until Morning EP, with the title track garnering praise universally and streams in the millions. Produced by UK R&B artist Louis Mattrs, the song is a sultry slow-jam where James shows his broad range, opening the tune while boasting an impeccable falsetto. It’s no surprise he’s received attention overseas and recently signed to US label Th3rd Brain, where an album is currently in the works. ” (1)

(1) Complex 11 British R&B/Soul Artists to Watch

James Vickery presents “LIVE from London”. “Until Morning” written and performed by James Vickery for TH3RD BRAIN Records. Filmed & recorded live on location at the Rivoli Ballroom.  
  Youtube rolled this track up on me, right after the Vickery video and I am very happy to have lingered long enough to allow the free reign of the Youtube Algorithm autoplay.
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