Purchased this Hiking shoe after several friends suggested Merrell as the best all-around hiking sneaker/shoe. The reviews are strongly positive and after two weeks of routine walking, light hiking, I can confidently say these are the most comfortable shoes (out of the box) I have ever owned. The most prominent comment on Amazon is the comfort out of the box feel of the Merrell shoes. A miracle for anyone that has ever lived on Planet Earth by any measure. When one passes a certain age threshold certain things (activities) become more important. Comfortable shoes and beds are at the top of my list. Uber comfortable shoes right out the box are unheard of, until now!

I chose granite shoes and a wide fit. The grey/blue color is nicely neutral and therefore goes with any color of pants or shorts. My size is 9 M so normally I don’t order wide shoes. The choice of wide for this purchase turned out to be a brilliant one. The fit is perfect. I could not ask for a better shoe (sneaker) for everyday dog walking or hikes in the woods.





¬†Why do I feature other individual YouTube reviews within my review of a product or service? A good question. It is our belief that additional testimony about a product or service we review, will help our readers make a fully informed decision. Purchasing a sneaker or a more specialized hiking shoe is a personal, word of mouth decision. My decision to look at Merrell’s shoes was spurned on by a close friend’s recommendation. My decision to purchase the Merrell Moab 2 Hiking shoe was made after reading 20 of the 1046 reviews on Amazon. Currently, the shoe has 4.5 stars out of 5.