My Passion For Trees has finally arrived!

When I first learned about My Passion for Trees with Judy Dench, thanks to a Facebook share of a close friend, I was very eager to see the full BBC One feature. Many months went by with futile searches on Amazon Prime and Youtube to finally arrive at the conclusion, there is a conspiracy to keep us from watching the full version of this excellent feature . You may rest assured, I will not give up the hunt.

You may be aware of how fond I am of Dame Judy Dench? There is no single human alive today more graceful and truly (inside/out) beautiful than Judy Dench. This is not to imply she does not have a salty sense of humor shared with fellow actors on set.  The sacred knows the profane.  No one embodies “beginner’s mind” more elegantly and purely than Judy Dench. Judy is widely admired for her acting acumen. A very impressive list of theatre, television amd film roles fill up her acting C.V. The most remarkable quality of Dame Judy Dench is how present she is in each moment of this feature. It is evident Judy Dench loves trees and is excited to share this Arboreal passion with us.


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