Affordable Solar Program Launched in United States for Middle-Class Homeowners
Caveat: I called the company to inquire about the process and there is, of course, a monthly cost to the homeowner, usually comparable or less than you will no longer pay to the power provider. Once you cover the owner pay costs the solar panels are yours. There is an income requirement, min $40,000 per year and minimum credit score of 640. The monthly cost to you and government credit is determined with a visit and inspection of your property.
Get Solar Panels and Battery Backup for $0 Out of Pocket

With the North Carolina Sign & Shine solar program, not only can you go solar for $0 out of pocket and start saving money on your electric bills, but you also get the added benefit of a battery backup system. What are the benefits of battery backup? 1) Solar panels often generate more electricity than a home can use during certain points of the day. With battery backup, you can store that energy for later use, rather than letting it go to waste. 2) Power companies often raise their rates in the evening, when your solar panels aren’t generating energy. With battery backup, you can avoid some of these peak time charges. 3) When disaster hits and your neighborhood is without power, the battery backup will give you the ability to power your home’s essential electronic devices.

Solar Program Benefits:
– $0 Out of Pocket
– Save money on your electric bills
– American made solar panels
– Battery backup included
– 25-year solar panel warranty
– Complimentary energy efficiency package
– Generate your own clean energy


Solarhome battery back up

Solarhome Battery