Reading is not just a mere pastime, but a doorway to immense happiness and a sanctuary from the monotony of everyday life. As I immerse myself in the vast realms of literature, I am constantly reminded of the profound joy it bestows upon us, even in the face of life’s demands. Recently, while leisurely flipping through the pages of The New Yorker, a fortuitous encounter with an article titled “Can Reading Make You Happy?” reaffirmed my unwavering belief in the transformative power of bibliotherapy. This beautifully crafted piece further solidified my conviction that pleasure reading holds the key to unlocking boundless happiness. Join me, and together let us embark on an enchanting journey through the extraordinary wonders of the written word. Explore the meticulously curated selection of literature, specially chosen to bring happiness to your soul. Enter ethereal realms of imagination with masterpieces like “The Case for and Against Love Potions” where Imbolo Mbue captivates us with her artistry. Immerse yourself in the profound narratives of thought-provoking novels, timeless classics, and enthralling tales that have stood the test of time. Embrace the sheer delight of reading and allow it to illuminate your path towards everlasting happiness.

Some of my Favorite Authors:

Left to Right Top to bottom

Mona Simpson, Walker Percy

Thomas McGuane, Gita Mehta 

Michael Ondaatje, Don Delillo

James Salter,  V.S. Naipual 


Can Reading make you Happy?

My reading today has taken a back seat to other less pleasurable habituations, like making a living. I do however maintain my lifetime connection to the New Yorker with an online subscription. Today I came across an article that lends credibility and perhaps, efficacy to my main thesis for pleasure reading and sharing this brief history with you, “Can Reading Make You Happy?” Bibliotherapy.

Imbolo Mbue Reads “The Case for and Against Love Potions”