It’s time to circle the wagons in preparation for the worst. A reflexive holdover survival response. Most adaptable
hominid in the face of an overwhelming amount of uncertainty will survive. Gravitate to what makes you feel safe. Protect the weakest family (tribe) member by flanking them with the fiercest.

What is it, you ask? The stock market is jubilant, Wall street is abuzz with Prez Trump’s corporate cabinet choices, oil companies stand ready to let the crude flow. What more could you ask for in material terms? An unexpurgated turret’s Twitter moment to wake up to each and every day from our President-elect. No nasty press intermediary. Direct Social Media access to our new leader? A nonpolitical insider real operator, get her done, at the helm. Simple solutions for seemingly intractable problems?

What not to love?

There is an antidote: Find a close group of like-minded friends and form a meditation group. The solution to what manifests around you is inside. Send Trump and his family unsolicited loving kindness. Read 10% happier. Stream same on Apple TV. Great interviews with contemporary Buddhist practitioners.