Steve Schmidt reacts to the news that a grand jury in Manhattan has indicted Donald Trump as District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office has been investigating the former president in connection with his alleged role in a hush money payment scheme and cover-up involving adult film star Stormy Daniels that dates to the 2016 presidential election. He explains why this will not be good for Trump’s 2024 election campaign and why it is “a most dangerous hour” for our country.

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Either we live in a country of laws, or we don’t. I prefer to live in a country with laws. If we don’t prosecute lawbreakers, we lose the rule of law. No one should be above it.


TRE45ON is Bat5hit Crazy by Ulysees S. Grant*SS$!

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Thank you for informing us, inspiring us, and showing us true patriotism.

Elizabeth Rainer


Steve Schmidt reacts to the latest campaign ad for Ron DeSantis. He discusses how the ad’s heroic themes do not match DeSantis’ persona. He also explains how Trump will attack the Florida Governor and why DeSantis has been unable to separate himself from the former president.

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DeSantis writing a book about freedom makes as little sense as Trump writing about running a successful business.

TRE45ON is Bat5hit Crazy by Ulysees S. Grant*SS$!

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We have a unique opportunity during shut-in, shut down to observe and analyze our current leaders, up close under crisis. How do our gubernatorial, congressional, Chief Executive Officer (President) leaders handle crisis management? Do they manage with urgency, command, and control, or confusion and apathy? This devastating pandemic provides us an interesting opportunity to contrast and compare between distinct styles of leadership, Governor Andrew Cuomo and President Donald J. Trump.

So many of us, on all sides of the political divide (see the divide and conquer), have gravitated to the alpha male confident, command, and control crisis handling style of workaholic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Remember Governor and chief is in the Cuomo D.N.A.

Perhaps some are drawn to this article after awakening to how our leaders serve the American Public. Do we want leaders with practical solutions with immediate benefit to us and the streets where we live or ones with 10-word answers for complex and complicated problems?

Some leaders find themselves in direct conflict with their own words from daily debriefs.






Steve Schmidt: We Are ‘One Election Away… From Losing Our Democracy’ | Deadline | MSNBC



An unexpected pleasure of pandemic safe distancing protocol is that viewers now get a full array of background options for our favorite news personalities. Steve Schmidt is the most background fluid. This tells me he has a flexible production crew in his person or a very light, nimble tech production team. Occam’s Razor tells the majority a different story: he has watched the rest and discovered the best is to switch up the background if you broadcast from home (see any during a pandemic) ..Notice Steve rarely consecutively broadcasts his featured spots from the same room in what we assume is his home. Most news experts have one room for data, work, and the occasional Zoom broadcast call with CNN/MSNBC. Steve’s voice is much-needed gravity and gravitas in this Era of the strange and chaotic. Steve’s strong moral compass, almost the voice of Moses, is pitch-perfect, adding considerable value to any discussion about our current state of disarray. But has anyone, like me, noticed Steve has a Uber masculine home that features contemporary lines and one very Norwegian chic center block kitchen? Does this kitchen scream for a great party and awesome vegan savory chimichanga? Is anyone else thinking with me on this one? In a not-so-distant former life, I would argue for a Pork Center Loin with the aforementioned marinade (the hours in the fridge before grilling with indirect on my Weber Grill).

Paul Langan

Steve Schmidt On Why Many Republican Voters Are Splitting From Trump

A striking new ad from Republican voters makes the case that their party has fallen under Trump. Meanwhile, polling shows voters who disliked both nominees in 2016 are increasingly willing to support Joe Biden Aired on 07/08/2020.

Anderson Cooper: Mattis gave a stunning rebuke of Trump



Colin Powell: President Trump has drifted away from the Constitution
522,403 views•Jun 7, 2020

Trump vs Trump on Coronavirus: the US President’s changing tone in just a few weeks

Channel 4 News 


John Nichols joins Steve Schmidt to discuss the qualities the next great American president must possess. They discuss who could fill this void, including Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer, Congressman Ro Khanna, and former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.


Steve Schmidt is joined by former chairperson of the Republican National Committee, Michael Steele, to discuss why he believes Ron DeSantis is the front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2024 over Donald Trump. They break down how Trump may make things difficult for the Florida governor, and highlight other alternatives they would like to see run for President, including Liz Cheney.

Steve Schmidt: ‘Autocratic’ GOP Has Become A ‘Cult Of Personality

Steve Schmidt, the former Republican strategist, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss the RNC calling Jan. 6 “legitimate political discourse” arguing that the GOP is “sanctioning fascistic violence.”

Photo by Jonny Neuenhagen on Unsplash
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Andrew Yang On UBI, Redefining Progress & Human-Centered Capitalism


2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Rich to share the merits of universal basic income, human-centered capitalism, and redefining progress as a nation. To read more about Andrew and peruse the full show notes click here👉🏾

Steve Schmidt: ‘The Lust For Power Supersedes Everything’ For Republicans


Dec 3, 2021: Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and host of the “On Brand” podcast Donny Deutsch the Republican obstruction being at an all-time high on Capitol Hill


Steve Schmidt: The GOP Is ‘No Longer Faithful To American Democracy’


Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt joins Nicolle Wallace to discuss the future of the Republican party and why George W. Bush is leaving retirement to campaign for Wyoming Congresswoman and Trump-critic Liz Cheney

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MSNBC News, “Dateline: White House”, Nicolle Wallace, Guest: Steve Schmidt, 1/26/2021
Steve Schmidt Videos Playlist

Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt “There’s a Battle for Control of MAGA Empire” | Amanpour and Company


California Governor Gavin Newsom easily beat a recall challenge last night, in part by emphasizing his commitment to mask and vaccine mandates. This Desantis fiction is in stark contrast to the approach of Republican governors in states like Texas and Florida. Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt dismisses their anti-science stance as a ploy to woo the far right. Schmidt, who resigned from the board of The Lincoln Project in February, tells Michel Martin how Democrats should seize the moment—originally aired on September 15, 2021.

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Steve Schmidt on The 2nd Impeachment of Donald J Trump

MSNBC News, Nicole Wallace, host – January 13, 2021
Steve Schmidt, guest
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This Undemocratic Moment Must Be Met Head On Schmidt | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Steve Schmidt, the co-founder of the Lincoln Project, weighs in on the riots in the U.S. Capitol and the handling of the aftermath by some GOP leaders, saying that the undemocratic actions by insurrectionists must be put down. Aired on 01/15/2021.

Armageddon’: See The Chilling Warning About White Supremacy Before The Capitol Riot

Marlon Craft – State of the Union, Part. II (Official Music Video)

shot and edited by Jacob Carlson, produced by xm∆ne + Arbus Beats mixed by Bradley “Dula” Post mastered by Lee La Roc @ Rocstar Studio

Marlon Craft Image

As law enforcement and the Senate pursue accountability for the Capitol riot and insurrection, world leaders and cultural figures have been speaking out and condemning the attack on democracy. Rapper Marlon Craft has a new song challenging clichés about unity and arguing America cannot try to be unified until people confront things that should not be negotiated, from scientific truths about Covid-19 to white supremacy. Craft joins MNSBC’s Ari Melber and former RNC chairman Michael Steele to discuss his searing song and his hopes for America’s future. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law, and culture airing nightly at 6 pm ET on MSNBC.) Aired on 01/22/2021. 


CR’s Take

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Marlon Craft Completely Spazzes On Nas’ “Nas Is Like” Beat | SWAY’S UNIVERSE

In celebration of the release of his new album “While We’re Here”, Marlon Craft comes back to Sway In The Morning to drop a monster Freestyle!

Pro-Trump Politician Arrested By FBI

Couy Griffin has been arrested. David Shuster breaks it down.
68 arrests made after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol building

68 arrests made after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol building

Washington, D.C. police chief Robert Conte on Thursday said 68 arrests had been made so far in connection to the Capitol building riots. He said only one of those arrested was from D.C., the rest were from outside the District of Columbia. He also said that they were circulating images and videos with hotels, businesses, the FBI, and the airport authority to track down those photographed destroying property. He also provided the identities of the four people who died during the protests.

U.S. Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy also spoke Thursday and said that entire D.C. National Guard has been mobilized and they have received support from multiple states, with 6,200 total guardsmen in the city by this weekend. He said in response to the Capitol riots, a seven-foot non-scalable fence was being erected around the Capitol building and would be in place for at least the next 30 days.