When doors close, you know the saying, follow the opening doors.   What do we do if every door closes?   Sit in a corner and cry?  Break out a bottle of Jim Beam and swig it down? Is there another strategy one may employ?

All of us are connected to the same Divine (essence) source within.   It is our best guide in times of surplus or times of need.   You know this if you have a regular, routine meditation practice (especially under the guidance of a qualified lama or teacher).  What do we, even those of us with routine practice, often forget during times of need or a series of rejections?  We forget what keeps us aligned with spirit, what keeps us in balance.

We need to ask ourselves in the beginning, “Am I willing to let go of my attachment to what I believe in order to see something new? Am I open to the possibility of an inconceivable reality?” Our main problem is that such a reality doesn’t fit in with our ordinary experience. If we believe that our senses and our conceptual mind are giving us a true and complete picture of the world and who we are in it, we’re just fooling ourselves. We need to expand our understanding beyond our sense perceptions and concepts, which are nothing but tiny windows through which we see only a partial reality. In order to see a higher level of reality, we need to look out of a larger window. In Buddhism, intellectual analysis on the one hand and opening up to what lies beyond concept on the other are not regarded as contradictory. When we’re able to think critically and at the same time be open to experiences that lie beyond what we know, then we start seeing the big picture.

~ Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche 



Practice, Practice, Practice..  Dharma, Dharma, Dharma.