TIft Merritt

This track, Drifting Apart, featuring the harmony and backup vocals of Andrew Bird is so heartfelt beautiful. Some have mused this song may be about the dissolution and late 2013  divorce from drummer ex-husband, Zeke Hutchins.  Andrew Bird, the great musician on his own, leading a trio or full band, here channeling his inner Roy Orbison for maximum heart melt effect.

Drifted Apart

Tift Merritt

You are a child when love is born,
Can’t stay a child for long.
Maybe the good times are up ahead,
Maybe those times are gone.
The same things keeping us together are the very ones making it hard.
Better take a look around,
Baby, we’re drifting apart.
Day by day, slowly you change,
Growing into what you are.
Nobody sees it happening,
It’s easy like opening a door.
Same things keeping us together begin to make a wreck of our hearts.
No use to shout about it.
Baby, we’ve drifted apart.
Drifting apart, drifting.
Drifting so slow, drifting.
I watch you go, I watch you go,
Don’t pretend you don’t know.
The quiet settling of the night,
It always comes to this.
You answer to yourself in the…

Tift Merritt – “Drifted Apart”

Drifted Apart
Tift Merritt
Traveling Alone (Bonus Track Version)
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Tift Merritt – “Drifted Apart”


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tift and Zeke
Tift Merritt Collage

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tift Merritt and Zeke hutchings
Tift+Meritt with daughter in arm
Tift+Merritt readling to her daughter
TIft Merritt Daughter during sound check with shades on

Tift Merritt: “Traveling Alone” Live On Soundcheck



(Download/stream the full session: http://wny.cc/YxcMrG) North Carolina native Tift Merritt plays the title track from her latest album, Traveling Alone, on “Soundcheck With John Schaefer” at WNYC in New York. (She composed some of the records at a piano at City Winery, a downtown eatery, and nightclub located across the street from our studios.) She’s backed here by guitarist Eric Heywood.



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Tift IMage from Stitch of the World

Andrew Bird’s Live From The Great Room Feat. Tift Merritt


Featuring Tift Merritt (filmed May 10th, 2017).
Live From The Great Room is an intimate live series of performances & conversations held in Andrew Bird’s home. Stay tuned to this space as he invites musicians of all backgrounds into the Great Room. #LiveFromHome #WithMe
Tracklist: “Drifted Apart” – Tift Merritt “Dark Matter” – Andrew Bird “Day He Died” – Tift Merritt “My Sister’s Tiny Hands” – Handsome Family “Orpheo Looks Back” – Andrew Bird “If I Needed You” – Townes Van Zandt



Directed, Edited, and Produced by Laurence Jacobs
Cinematography by Nico Navia
Additional Camera – Ryan Pawlak
Sound Engineer – Kevin Harp
Personal Assistant to Mr. Bird – Bryant Fox

Andrew Bird with Tift Merritt – If I Needed You – 2012-10-30

In 2012 Andrew Bird released two albums, in October came out the second of those two: Hands of Glory. The song “If I Needed You” was originally included in the LP “The Late Great Townes Van Zandt” from 1972. Covered here with the help of some friends: Tift Merrit and Alan Hampton. Live performance at NYC talk show. Capture by Frootloop from Australian TV (PAL HD).

Andrew Bird

Andrew Bird – full concert, My Finest Work Yet tour, 9/27/19 (The Current)


Intro 0:17 Sisyphus 3:34 Bloodless 8:00 Olympians 14:40 Cracking Codes 20:25 Fallorun 26:24 Truth Lies Low 31:10 Roma Fade 38:08 Archipelago 43:13 Proxy war 47:22 Manifest 52:40 Don the Struggle 58:16 Bellevue Bridge Club 103:12 give it away 109:00 Left Handed Kisses 113:00


Andrew Bird – vocals, violin, guitar, whistling
Ted Poor – drums, backing vocals
Alan Hampton – bass, backing vocals
Madison Cunningham – guitar, backing vocals
Tyler Chester – keys

Andrew Bird’s “Danse Caribe” on BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND (PBS)

Taped 333-feet below ground, deep inside Tennessee’s Cumberland Caverns, this 12-part “musical adventure” series features both well-established and top emerging artists within the broad spectrum of Bluegrass, Jamgrass, Roots &Americana genres. Singer/violinist Andrew Bird has brightened the national Alternative scene for more than 15 years. With his unique indie-folk rock and a cameo performance by Tift Merritt, “Danse Caribe” from Episode Two of BLUEGRASS UNDERGROUND Season Three is a brilliant sample from a most unpredictable show (in the best way, of course). To watch full episodes of Bluegrass Underground check your local PBS station listings! Learn more here: bluegrassunderground.com