Databases for Data Scientists Specialization

All about Databases for Data Scientists. Learn to design and create efficient and effective relational databases, fill them with data, and work with them using SQL.

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Databases for Data Scientists Specialization

About this Specialization

Whether you are a beginning programmer interested in Data Science, a data scientist working closely with content experts, or a software developer seeking to learn about the database layer of the stack, this specialization is for you!

We focus on the relational database, which is the most widely used type of database. Relational databases have dominated the database software marketplace for nearly four decades and form a core, foundational part of software development.

In this specialization, you will learn about database design, database software fundamentals, and how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to work with databases. The specialization will conclude with an overview of future trends in databases, including non-relational databases (NoSQL) and Big Data. Upon completing this specialization, you will be well prepared to design and create efficient and effective relational databases, fill them with data, and work with them using SQL.

Di Wu

Di Wu

Instructor University of Colorado Boulder


Dr. Wu’s primary interests are temporal databases, the semantic web, and data science. Most of his research has been on extending the Resource Description Framework (RDF) for temporal dimensions. Before joining CU, he taught algorithms and data structures, programming languages, and database management courses.

 Alan Paradise

Alan Paradise

Teaching Professor


Alan accumulated over 36 years of experience as an Information Technology professional with strengths in IT Leadership, Project Management, Database Administration, Systems Analysis and Design, IT Infrastructure Management, and Technical Architecture Direction. His experience spans multiple industries, including Corporate Finance, Manufacturing, Health Care, and Marketing. Most recently, Alan was Director, Database Administration at Wiland Inc., a small, privately held high-tech leader in Marketing Intelligence located near Boulder, CO. Alan left the industry and joined the faculty at the University of Colorado in Boulder in August 2017 as a Teaching Professor in the Computer Science Department within the College of Engineering and Applied Science. In addition to his industrial experience, Alan has an impressive academic track record. Alan gained over 30 years of experience teaching various Information Technology and Project Management courses part-time in undergraduate and graduate degree programs as an adjunct faculty member. Universities include Fontbonne University in St. Louis; Washington University in St. Louis, Webster University; and St. Louis University. Alan has also developed and presented training classes for corporate clients on database fundamentals, SQL, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Project Management, Big Data & NoSQL, Hadoop, and Web Site Development. Alan holds Bachelors’s and Masters’s degrees in Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

by CP Oct 31, 2022
Good overview of database technologies, especially NoSQL databases. But it’s pretty high level.

by MS Nov 3, 2022
Good overview of current trends in Data storage technologies

by NK Nov 13, 2022
The excellent course covers all advanced topics in databases

by LH Jun 2, 2022
Great course, with very clear explanations of concepts and great instructors!