The Whirling Dervish

In this complicated and demanding world, we can all benefit from someone to back us up: to be an extra pair of hands on a job needing four, to be in that ‘other place at the same time’. Whirling Dervish can be your extra set of hands and the person on the go to pick up, drop off, purchase and return. The list of skills and services offered is comprehensive. Let me be your Whirling Dervish this Holiday Season and beyond! I have worked and lived in Durham for four decades. As a fixture of the Durham culinary scene, I am a well-respected chef and manager. I am now launching a business –Whirling Dervish, which is a personal assistant service “for when you need another pair of hands … to simplify your life … and be stress free.” With my strong organizational and problem-solving skills, I can assist you when life’s tasks are overwhelming. No request is too small. Contact me with your every need: (Cooking Classes and Private Dinners still available)