Two main Andrew Yang policy positions resonate with me, Universal Income and how the Robot Apocalypse can bring our divided nation together. The dark side of automation is a looming issue creating deep chasms in our already divided nation. Consider how well our former Executive in chief exploited the disenfranchised American’s legitimate feelings of economic loss and job uncertainty. We are in the midst of a major transition to artificial intelligence (see automation). The former President blamed immigrants when the clear catalyst was Artificial intelligence-the advance of technology. Imagine how farmers felt during the genesis of the industrial age.  Let’s look at truck drivers. There are 3.5 million truck drivers on the road today (robot trucks will be here within 3-5 years and quickly replacing drivers). The savings are considerable ( replacing human drivers with self-driving trucks that can run all of the time) and will save an estimated $168 Billion a year. Artificial intelligence is replacing thousands of call center jobs right now. About 8% of American jobs are in the STEM field, 92% are not. The 5 most common jobs in the U.S. right now are 1) Administrative and clerical 2) Retail and Sales 3) food service 4) Truck Driving 5) Manufacturing. Right now all aforementioned jobs are in the midst of a change to Artificial intelligence (automation). 32% of Americans graduated from college, 68% with a high school diploma or below. 68% of Americans are working in the at-risk automation industries. We need an interim solution for the margins to keep the most at risk from going off the rails into much more expensive societal concerns (incarceration, homelessness, drug addiction, emergency room healthcare). Remember an extra $1000.00 for the average working American, living paycheck to paycheck, would largely end up right back into the economy in the form of retail, deferred car repair payments, dining out, of pocket healthcare costs. This purchase activity would result in revenue back to the states/Fed. We would see the revenue back and save on societal shared marginal costs. Easy to take the jaded view and consider these payments a form of welfare. Remember that we practice corporate welfare every year by allowing companies to pay the equivalent of ZERO income taxes. Why not ask these companies benefiting from automation to provide a dividend back to all of us especially those displaced by automation?


“The monthly stipend, which Yang dubs the “Freedom Dividend” is intended to ameliorate economic insecurity, wealth inequality, and the other symptoms of social malaise stemming from capitalism”. Honda Wang, Jacobin

Automation is more efficient than – human labor. Automation is more efficient by any metric. Robots, not immigrants are causing economic dislocations. Ask yourself how loyal any company is to your interests when it comes to their bottom line (see profit). Do we protest the inevitable accelerating transition towards greater efficiency or address this problem with a practical solution- see Universal income? Practical solutions or protesting the inevitable? Time to manage the transition. Time to take a look at Andrew Yang.

  Many of us excited about the Andrew yang campaign, witness closely the obvious media bias towards this new apparently outsider campaign. Remember that Andrew yang was an advisor to the Obama administration and started one of the largest nonprofits in the tech industry, published author of two significant books on the transition from human labor to automation. The chief culprit in this media blackout was MSNBC. the blackout showed up whenever MSNBC hosted one of the democratic 20 20 presidential candidate debates where Andrew Yang was given proportionally less time to speak and left out of polling results that showed his campaign leading among candidates for money raised each month and quarter. Candidate Andrew Yang spoke about this media blackout on CNN when he began to notice that whenever CNN hosted a debate he received proportionally the same amount of time for questions that the other candidates did and was included in interviews after the debate. The video below features an interview/debate between Andrew Yang and an MSNBCproducer.

CNN Host Tries to Grill Andrew Yang and Epically Fails

  Former 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang faces tough questioning from CNN’s Richard Quest on his support for congressman Tim Ryan and Ro Khana’s ‘Emergency Money for the People Act’ which would give $2,000 a month to most adults in the US.

This week on Shark Tank – Mark Cuban joins Andrew Yang to talk UBI

The YouTube title above should be titled this week on, Mark Cuban guests to talk UBI.  We all know why the Yang speaks crew chose the better keyword “Shark Tank” to attract more viewers.  Who can blame them if the content warrants? 

How the Data Dividend Works  

Andrew Yang On UBI, Redefining Progress & Human-Centered Capitalism


2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang joins Rich to share the merits of universal basic income, human-centered capitalism, and redefining progress as a nation. To read more about Andrew and peruse the full show notes click here👉🏾


John McWhorter on Woke Racism | Forward with Andrew Yang


Columbia linguistics professor John McWhorter argues that a new religion disguised as antiracism is hurting Black communities and weakening the American social fabric. Woke Racism –… John McWhorter – Andrew Yang –

Searching For Light with Radhanath Swami | Rich Roll Podcast


Thanks for watching! Read all about Radhanath Swami here 👉🏼

Radhanath Swami is a spiritual guru, mystic, author & humanitarian. A monk in the Bhakti tradition for nearly 50 years, Radhanath has dedicated his life to helping people find meaning while leading social initiatives which feed, house, and heal millions of those in need. Today His Holiness Radhanath Swami shares his thoughts with Rich Roll on compassion, unity, and the importance of having a spiritual practice.

Why we need the Forward Party


Welcome to the Forward Party!

I started the Forward Party for a few big reasons. The main one is one we can all see – the current two-party duopoly is not working. While the two major parties have different issues, we can all see that polarization is getting worse and worse, with 42% of both parties regarding the other as not just mistaken, but evil. Neither side is able to meaningfully solve problems, so we all get angrier and angrier.

Join the Forward Party –

Yang registers as independent, forms Forward party

Krystal Ball interviews Andrew Yang about starting a new political party

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

What is UBI? How would free money change our lives.

Universal Basic Income UBI[/caption]


Twitter billionaire Jack Dorsey just donated $15 million to fund basic-income pilot projects in at least 9 US cities

  • Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just donated $15 million to Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, a coalition of US mayors interested in starting basic-income pilots. 

  • Several pilots are already underway, including a recent trial in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

  • Dorsey’s investment will help additional cities like Pittsburgh and Los Angeles launch their programs.

  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Starting in April, millions of Americans received stimulus checks – a no-strings-attached payment meant to alleviate financial hardship. To proponents of a basic-income policy, the idea sounded familiar.

Basic-income programs essentially pay people simply for being alive as a way to alleviate poverty. Michael Tubbs, the mayor of Stockton, California, launched one of the US’s first guaranteed-income pilots – a program called SEED – last year. The experiment has been giving monthly payments of $500 to 125 of the city’s poorest residents since February 2019.

Tubbs also spearheads the group Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, a coalition of mayors interested in starting similar basic-income pilots across the US. In July, the coalition received $3 million from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s #StartSmall initiative to fund global COVID-19 relief. On Tuesday, the group announced that Dorsey is giving another $15 million to support more basic-income pilots. 

Tubbs told Business Insider that he and Dorsey started discussing a plan to promote basic income earlier this year.