Why Kombucha?

Kombucha is not a panacea. Why is Kombucha for me, a daily healthy biome requirement?  Find out more here.

I will continue to update this article with newly discovered pertinent Kombucha videos and article citations. The one below is a great one for those looking to dive deeper into the chemistry and active compounds of Kombucha.  The most controversial Kombucha aspect is the amount of alcohol in each beverage, a natural byproduct of the fermentation process.  One company that addressed this concern ahead of the commercial Kombucha industry with an interesting solution is Brew Doctor Kombucha. 

Kombucha drink is a fermented tea made with a sugar source, caffeinated tea and a scoby kombucha culture, a gelatinous firm jelly-like structure made up of various yeasts and bacteria. The final ferment produces a tangy slightly sweet beverage with varying degrees of fizziness depending on the length of fermentation and techniques employed. While kombucha is known to contain many health-enhancing substances, it is not however necessarily beneficial for all people. Here in this video we will discuss the pros and the cons of this now widely popular fermented beverage.