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How good is learning Python for 2019 fresher jobs?

Why learn Python for career pursuits in 2019? I recall discovery conversations about Python 6 years back with Professors, Undergrads, Masters Degree and Post Doctoral graduate students in Engineering, Medicine when I managed an office across from Duke University West Campus.

Today I perused the catalog to discover over 40 courses and or specializations currently available on the Coursera learning platform.

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Sakina Mirza
Sakina Mirza, Data Scientist at Mu Sigma (2017-present)
Answered Jun 15
YouTube, DropBox, Google, Quora, and even Netflix use Python. These are the leading companies and others follow them.

Now let me give you examples of amazing things that you can do with Python.

Python is great for web development. If I have to mention at least Django which is the most popular framework. Its feature is that within a single package, you get everything you need to build a web application from low – to – high end. It will be worthy to add that such a popular web application that Google, Instagram, Youtube, and even Quora is made on Python. You can read more on Python Frameworks here: Python Web Framework – A Detailed List with Explanations.

Thanks to its various libraries, Python is a great language for scientific computing.

Here is a list of most popular scientific libraries and tools.



Python Specialization from University of Michigan