Judi Dench My Passion for Trees FULL BBC One 2017- has finally arrived!   yes, Yes, and more yes!


My Passion For Trees has finally arrived!

When I first learned about My Passion for Trees with Judi Dench, thanks to a Facebook share of a close friend, I was very eager to see the full BBC One feature. Many months went by with futile searches on Amazon Prime and Youtube to finally conclude, that there is a conspiracy to keep us from watching the full version of this excellent feature. You may rest assured, I will not give up the hunt. The day has arrived, Sunday, May 23, 2021. Today I received the full BBC1 Judi Dench: My PassionForTrees broadcast (shared above) in my YouTube feed.  Our days of eager waiting have come to a close.  Sit back and watch in full-screen joy.

You may be aware of how fond I am of Dame Judi Dench. There is no single human alive today more graceful and truly (inside/out) beautiful than Judi Dench. This is not to imply she does not have a salty sense of humor shared with fellow actors on set.  The sacred knows the profane.  No one embodies the “beginner’s mind” more elegantly and purely than Judy Dench. Judy is widely admired for her acting acumen. A very impressive list of theatre, television, and film roles fill up her acting C.V. The most remarkable quality of Dame Judi Dench is how present she is in each moment of this feature. It is evident Judi Dench loves trees and is excited to share this Arboreal passion with us.

Judi Dench outshines David Tennant and Michael Sheen in the captivating series, Staged – BBC

Prepare to be enthralled as David Tennant and Michael Sheen, portraying themselves, were all set to showcase their talent in the highly anticipated production of Six Characters in Search of an Author in London’s West End. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans. But fear not, their determined director, Simon Evans, who is also playing himself, refuses to let this golden opportunity slip away. He understands the magnitude of this moment and sets his sights on coaxing his stars into rehearsing over the internet. It sounds simple enough – just reading the first scene. However, throughout the series, they encounter an array of oppositional forces: distractions, boredom, the challenges of homeschooling, and even their own egos. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey in this witty and relatable portrayal of the entertainment industry’s resilience and creativity.




Imagine the intriguing questions that Sam Smith, Cara Delevingne, Stormzy, Charlize Theron, Naomi Scott, Kate Moss, and even her former 007 co-star Daniel Craig would ask Judi Dench given the chance. In an exciting new series called “Ask a Legend”, British Vogue has invited these renowned Judi fans and many more to pose their burning inquiries to the iconic cover star of June 2020. Witness Dench’s captivating responses to queries from some of the hottest stars on the planet and be amazed as she reacts to a message from her dear friend Ian McKellen. Discover her favorite swear word, catch a glimpse of her fantasy dinner party’s exclusive guest list, and uncover the question that nearly made her blush – a true superstar who has seen it all.

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