The first time I truly heard this song was on the way out to grab a newspaper on Coast Guard Road, Emerald Isle, NC. Nothing like this song to place one right in the sweet spot of a vacation relaxation groove.

Next up, a few live versions of the seminal song, News. Dire Straits is required listening for any knob with ears, but especially those wannabe gear heads. Mark Knopfler is on everyone’s best guitar maestro short list for good reason. If you have waited on the sidelines for so many Durham cool music articles to make a purchase for porch, car or boat now is the time to click on one of the tasty selections below. Your ears will thank you and your porch party friends will say hell yeah!

Today 04-17-2020 is a Mark Knopfler, Dire Straits Friday in COV-19 block 17, cell 27,594,432 A.   We find ourselves in need of Mark’s guitar sound-the perfect antidote for too much isolation. Listen along with me to Brother’s in Arms, replete with strings and the rest of Dire Straits-each integral to the whole.  Can you imagine a world without Mark Knopfler?   We would have to imagine him into existence. 

Dire straits for you home, car, boat collection

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