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Howard Kern Day (born January 15, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late 1990s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert use of samplers and effects pedals to accompany himself  He self-financed and self-released his first album, Australia, in 2000.  I heard his songs on the radio but it took until 2023 to find his video, featured herein, and start this article. 

Day eventually signed a recording contract with major label Epic Records in 2002 and has since re-released his debut and produced a follow-up, Stop All The World Now. Despite initially sluggish sales, Stop All The World Now was certified gold in early 2005, and has produced several singles, including the hits “She Says” and “Collide”, Day’s most successful to date. “Collide” later became Day’s first platinum single, eventually selling 1.5 million downloads.

After a five-year tour before the release of Stop All The World Now followed by a three-year tour, Day took some time off and focused on writing music. Day released his Be There EP in May 2009 followed by Sound The Alarm, released on September 8, 2009. In December 2014, Day created a PledgeMusic campaign to fund a new album, Lanterns, which was released to pledgers on April 16, 2015. The album was released on iTunes on April 28, 2015—several songs on the album feature Aimee Mann on backing vocals.




Howie Day – Ghost Beams of Light LiveLyrics

Lately i’ve been thinking
Lately i’ve been dreaming with you
I’m so resistent to this type of thinking
Oh now it’s shining through
I was alone for the last time
Before my nights’ vacation with you
Alive from the first now i’m denied
By the ghost of you
Oh you take yourself a photograph and laugh at me
I know there’s little use in crying
It’s more wide awake and dying than i’m used to
I thought we’d walk these streets together
Now i’m hoping that I’ll never have to meet you
Step aside from all this anger
And somewhere in between I can feel you
Ask me should we try again
I’m thinking no yeah
It’s not what i believe in
It’s not what i believe in
Oh, Won’t you take yourself a photograph and laugh at me
You make yourself a photograph and laugh at me
No I, wanna taste your love
No I… no I
No I, just wanna taste your love
Oh, no I
Standing in your shoes I turn
And now you’re standing bare in my doorway
I only wish that I had been prepared
I’m gonna have to go along with your way
Just take the plastic camera out
It’s in the pants you borrowed in the driveway
Alive from the first now i’m denied by the ghost of you
Make yourself a photograph & laugh at me please
Yeah make yourself a photograph & laugh at me please
No i want a taste of love no i
I was alive from the first now i’m denied by the ghost of you
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Howie Day
Ghost lyrics © Round Hill Works


Australia Review 

Howie Day is a rare talent. His feel for melody and structure coupled with the poetry that comprises his lyrics prove this point over and over, 11 songs running. Even amid, or perhaps thanks to, tastefully straightforward production, Day’s brilliance comes through. And seeing as he was 19 when he made Australia, he’s just getting started. His are the songs that stick in listeners’ minds and ears for days on end, even after only one listen. Dive a little deeper and one gets to the heart of his intimate storytelling, and they’ll be awfully glad they did. Just pick a tune, any tune. From “Sorry So Sorry” and “She Says” to “More You Understand” and “Morning After” or any point in between, these are great songs one and all. They are not the work of a teenybopper. Rather, Day falls more in line with Fiona Apple in terms of the maturity and depth of songwriting craft that surprisingly comes from such a young upstart. Indeed, he’s an old soul who just happens to have blonde spiky hair. Those who love the smart pop offered by folks like Jonatha Brooke, Neil Finn, and Sheryl Crow will, from the opening groove box rhythm, be hooked on this wunderkind. And his live performances are just as mesmerizing. It’s no wonder Australia sold over 10,000 copies before any of the big boys even had a chance to take a meeting.

Kelly McCartney

September 28, 2014

If I was to ask 100 random people on the street who is Howie Day, I would hazard an educated guess that 7 would know he’s a musician, and singer-songwriter hailing from Bangor Maine. If were to ask the same random people, do you know the song “Collide”, and play it for them, on my handy dandy electronic pocket-sized device, 87 people out of 100 would be familiar with the song. Fantastic track, one of my favorites. In the style of John Mayer or Jason Mraz, famously labeled WGWG, white guy with a guitar.

Stephen Lavoie

I Rocktography

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