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Learn English: Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences Specialization

Write with Greater Sentence Complexity. Master the Use of Complex Sentences in Writing

This specialization is for English learners who want to write with greater sentence complexity. Through three courses, you’ll learn how to identify adverb, adjective, and noun clauses and avoid making common mistakes associated with each type. You will also learn how to use the three types of complex sentences to express your ideas more sophisticatedly.

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Applied Learning Project

In each course, lessons are followed by guided and independent practice. Practice is then followed by an assessment in order to check your progress. Additionally, writing assignments will be given at the beginning and end of each course, giving you the chance to apply what you’ve learned about complex sentences. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to review the writings of others through a peer review assignment.

Meg Parker

Meg Parker


Meg Parker has over 16 years of experience teaching English to kids, teens, and adults in the United States and Mexico. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a Master’s in Teaching, and a Master’s in Applied Linguistics. At UC Irvine, she teaches English learners in the Academic English program and English teachers in the Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate program. She loves talking about teaching, so you frequently give presentations on English learning at local and international conferences. When she’s not working, she enjoys trail running in the hills and mountains of Southern California, traveling to new countries, reading, and exploring new restaurants and sights in the Los Angeles area.



Mar 31, 2023

It’s excellent. Now I can use adverb clauses well, and I understand compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences better than before. Thanks for the course. I appreciate it.



Jan 9, 2022

This course (and specialization) enriched not only the way I write in English but also in my native language as well.


By Kakzhanova F A

Mar 7, 2022

I liked the course; the types of sentences are given: simple, compound, complex, mixed, and straightforward. Structures of each type of sentence and punctuation marks for each type of sentence are presented. Particular attention is paid to complex sentences with their conjunctions since the course topic is titled sentences with adverb conjunctions. The theme of the course is revealed!

Kakzhanova Fazira

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