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Adele has a new album (release). Does Adele need any marketing help to promote this release? Rhetorical question, of course. Our policy at Cool Media is to encourage musicians we like, love, admire, and discover. It does not matter if the artist is delivered to us via a YouTube algorithm, a referral from a trusted friend, randomly over a mix on Alexa, or from our other likes on any streaming service. Adele has social media surging with news of her first release in Six Years. The first release in 6 years in risky timing (commercial suicide) for any other artist but an excellent, well-poised tease by Adele.

The singer’s long-awaited return will start this week, with the release of a single, “Easy on Me,” followed by a new album on November 19, she announced on Wednesday. Easy on Me is a strong start with a non-auto-tuned clear Vocal, piano, bass, and drum machine. Easy on me is our first taste, and how much does it remind us of other Adele content, and how much does it innovate on the Adele content we have come to admire? Upon several first sessions of Easy on Me, Cool Media has decided Adele is growing as an artist. The typical Adele vocal arsenal is on display, yet the runs are smoother, silkier, and executed by a more seasoned pro.

2021 Update

Vocal Range: B2 – E5 – Bb5 (D6)

Voice Fach: Lyric Mezzo-Soprano (3 octaves)

Vocal Rating: Singer

Analysis: One of the defining vocalists of her generation, Adele has developed a reputation for being an exemplary musician and emoter. Her musical phrasing is second to none and is undeniably one of the strongest factors in her ability to resonate with millions across the globe (and drive her absurd commercial success). Concurrently, however, Adele has suffered from a series of vocal issues as the result of suboptimal vocal technique, resulting in a controversial reputation of her as a singer. A diplomatic assessment of her vocals would lead most to conclude that while she is a masterful artist and communicator, she is not a vocal technician, something aspiring singers should keep in mind when looking to her for inspiration.

Adele’s voice is known for having a dark, rich, and raspy tone. Her singing style sounds almost conversational at times, as she allows some air to creep into the sound, increasing the intimacy of her already expressive music. As a trained blues singer, she lavishes her phrases with small ornamentations: grace notes, trills, growls, and imperceptible flips from her chest to head voice but doesn’t rely too heavily on these techniques to impress. These stylistic choices are perhaps most impressive in the verses of her songs, drawing listeners in before pushing her voice for power in the chorus.

Easy On Me ·

Adele Easy On Me ℗ 2021 Melted Stone under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Released on: 2021-10-14 Composer, Lyricist: Adele Adkins Bass, Drum Machine, Piano, Composer, Lyricist, Unknown, Producer: Greg Kurstin Strings: David Campbell Unknown: Julian Burg Unknown: Alex Pasco Recording Engineer: Steve Churchyard Mixing Engineer: Tom Elmhirst Mastering Engineer: Randy Merrill

Adele – Easy On Me (Official Video)


Lyrics: There ain’t no gold In this river That I’ve been washing my hands in forever I know there is hope In these waters But I can’t bring myself to swim When I am drowning In this silence baby let me in Go easy on me baby I was still a child Didn’t get the chance to Feel the world around me I had no time to choose What I chose to do So go easy on me There ain’t no room For things to change When we are both so deeply Stuck in our ways You can’t deny how hard I have tried I changed who I was To put you both first But now I give up I had good intentions And the highest hopes But I know right now It probably doesn’t even show Credits: Directed by: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan Video commissioner – Phil Lee @phillee at Untold Studios @untold_studios Executive Producer – Nkem Egbuchiri at Untold Studios @Nkem__nkem Executive Producer – Bryan Younce at Columbia Records Production Company: Sons of Manual/Scheme Engine @schemeengine Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes @janniemcinnes Producers: Nancy Grant, Xavier Dolan @nancygrantbonjour; @xavierdolan Cinematographer: André Turpin @andreturpin Camera Operator: Jean-Sébastien Caron @jeans_caron Production design: Élise de Blois @elisedeblois23 Supervising art director: Carolyne De Bellefeuille @carolynedebellefeuille Stylist: Jamie Mizrahi @sweetbabyjamie Hair: Sami Knight @samiknighthair Make-up: Anthony Nguyen @anthonyhnguyenmakeup Nails: Kimberly Kyees @kimmiekyees Editor: Xavier Dolan @xavierdolan Post: MELS Studio @melsstudios /Flawless Post @flawlesspostproduction

adele Transformation

Adele – Easy On Me (Live at the NRJ Awards 2021)


“Easy On Me” by Adele, Live at the NRJ Awards 2021. Shop the “Adele” collection here: Listen to “30” here: Follow Adele: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – #Adele #EasyOnMe #30


Adele: The ’30’ Interview | Apple Music


arvydas-venckus-London Lorrie down narrowstreet-unsplash

Zane Lowe sits down with Adele to unpack her fourth studio album, ’30,’ exploring the inspirations behind each track and their impact on her life. Adele explains that each album has documented a piece of her life, and ’30’ is the first album she feels is truly and authentically her. Song by song Adele explains her life, her dark moments articulated in “Cry Your Heart Out,” the strength of friendship in “I Drink Wine,” and gaining perspective in “Can I Get It.” Adele shares that the album is a suite of songs that give you the choice to cry your eyes out or dance along, and that making music has been her most reliable friend. Listen to Adele on Apple Music:

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Adele is Back! (and is as hilarious and legendary as ever)


The force of nature that is Adele is back & she is dropping a brand new album in November! She talks to Radio 1’s Greg James about her life in lockdown, writing the album, and crisps! Listen back to Friday’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show on BBC Sounds to hear the first play of Adele’s new single ‘Easy On Me

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I Can’t Believe ADELE Did This Again!

In this episode, we take a look at and analyze Adele’s first new single in over 5 years, “Easy On Me”.


adele Transformation

ADELE – Easy On Me (LIVE Cover by Leroy Sanchez)


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Adele 30