Breathe and sit down or stand in quiet for a moment, hand in hand with your love.

Watch Dan Harris 10% Happier on the ABC app. Stream for free on Apple TV or Pod-bean podcast listen. Time to follow your heart and not the onslaught of news, Twitter posts, or Social media. Gather your tribe around you and perform a Gestalt scream session, heads tilted back, shouting to the heavens. Open your windows, like Network and shout, “I can’t take this anymore”! Then breathe, sit down comfortably on a pillow or in a chair, straighten your spine, tongue at roof of mouth where palette meets the back of your front teeth. Say the words, body breathes in a big breath, body breathes out big breath… repeat with shorter breaths, body breathes in short breath, body breathes out. Allow the settling to begin. Quiet mind, quiet speech, still body. This is the only anecdote other than whiskey and George Jones on the Jukebox. Sounds odd, I know, but it works.   Breathe and please find a place to meditate. We will overcome this peacefully together, but not by lighting fires in the streets.  

Why Meditate?

My recommended books on the subject of meditation