What is happening on Durham Cool?  The Durham Cool team continues to provide original, thought-provoking content.  Yet we have not heard from our readers in a while.   Google Analytics tells us we are picking up readers from all over the world.  Google Analytics tells us the traffic is on a consistent increase, but what about you?  What do readers like about Durham Cool?  Now is your chance.  This website is 6 years young.  Let’s evolve together or go on our separate ways. A blog website is only as good as its reader’s engagement.  Engagement is measured by the feedback. Readers engage when they are engaged.   If you visit this website then tell us why.  Vote with your comments and then keep em coming.

Tell us we suck out loud or what you would love to see on our pages.   Please don’t offer us ways to improve our SEO because those comments are readily forthcoming.  Tell us something good as Chaka Khan wisely implores.

We will keep the website open only if we hear from you. No comments by July 1, 2017, and we have no choice but to close Durham Cool.  Your input is critical to Durham Cool’s virtual survival.

Thank you.

The Durham Cool Team.