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Clearing the clutter sessions

Invitation to a Free Clearing the Clutter Session:

Are you ready to:

 STOP letting old hurts and resentments run the show?
 STOP being negatively affected by the world around you?
 STOP sacrificing your time and energy, to please others?
 STOP doing things because you’re afraid of not being liked, loved, or accepted by others?
 STOP saying yes when you want to say no and START speaking up from a place of love?
 HAVE more time and energy to spend the way that you choose?
 HAVE more fun, joy, and laughter in your life?
 HAVE empowered, authentic and loving relationships?

I’d like to invite you to a complimentary Clearing the Clutter Session. It’s an opportunity for
you to get more clarity and build some momentum toward living the life you desire in 2021.
You’ll also be able to experience some of my work to see if there’s more for us to do together.
Click on the link below, so that you can easily sign up for a time that works for you.

Lorri Gifford has been sharing Spirit’s messages with clients since 1986. At
age 20, she was the youngest member of the Psychic Center in Rochester
N.Y. She studied and worked at the Deepak Chopra Center as the Spa
Director and Lead Educator (Meditation & Yoga) for over four years. Her
book 90 Days to Learning the Tarot: No Memorization Required was
published by Schiffer Publishing in 2014. In 2015, she began studying with
Reverend Jennifer Hadley and became a Certified Spiritual Counselor and
leader in The Power of Love Ministry. Lorri’s spiritual practice is to love and
serve whoever Spirit puts in front of her and see the perfection in who
they are. She does this by listening deeply and allowing Spirit to guide the
exchange. Her intention is to support profound, loving, and everlasting
change in all those she connects with.

Lorri Gifford

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