Sundays I reserve for morning meditation and reading on Spiritual subjects. Today was no exception, with meditation followed by a chapter from the Joy of Living, by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. The chapter I read today was Compassion the Survival of the Kindest. The section that resonated with me may help you heal the divide or difference between you and another:

Hot Seeds will produce hot fruits
Sweet Seeds will produce sweet fruits

From what I’ve learned, most conflict between people stem from a misunderstanding of one another’s motives. We all have our reasons for doing what we do and saying what we say. The more we allow ourselves to be guided by compassion– to pause for a moment and try to see where another person is coming from – – the less likely we are to engage in conflict. And even when problems do arise, if we take a deep breath and listen with an open heart, will find ourselves able to handle the conflict more effectively – – to calm the waters, so to speak, and resolve our differences in such a manner that everyone is satisfied, and no one ends up as the “winner” or the “loser”.

Just after reading the aforementioned section I discovered this New release from MUSIC INTERVIEWS, NPR

In Andy Grammer’s New Video, A Call To Act Against Homelessness