One very important quality of leadership is the ability to exercise restraint in the interest of civility. Appealing to the higher instincts, present in all human beings, rather than pandering to baser impulses. We know from history what happens when leaders appeal to the most animalistic desires, sublimated in the human psyche. One need only conduct a brief study of (choose your Fascist) to see how this happens.

Watch this study in contrast between John McCain and our new president elect Donald Trump, when asked a very similar question about our current President Obama.

I have hope that President Trump will display a very different style of leadership as President than he did as a candidate for office. President elect Trump has promised Americans he will comport and conduct himself differently as President.

The tapped frustration and anger of the “disenfranchised” lower/middle class is very REAL. Which candidate in this election had more experience and public policies designed to aid this very large sector? Clearly, the answer is Hillary Clinton. Which candidate articulated the frustration in a very non-Washington, D.C. fashion? Very clearly Trump!

The so called financial elites (top 1%) of Americans include Donald Trump.
Elites is a catch all phrase to describe well moneyed/connected-political establishment (see status quo).

It will be interesting political theatre to see how President Trump implements his top 5 agenda items in the very contentious political environment. Those who supported President elect Donald Trump watch closely how he rewards the top 1% with his economic plan and deregulatory objectives.

Plant the seed thought-may all those who supported or were dissed by President Trump be richly rewared over the next 4 years.

A positive sign is the outcome of President elect and our 44th President today. Each commented very positively about the other, post meeting.