Pop’s Back Door Restaurant is not just delicious Pizza! Pop’s Back Door in Hope Valley Plaza with a Durham post office and Bull Street Gourmet Market on the other side (3710 Shannon Road Durham 27707).

This restaurant is close to my office, and I have enjoyed fresh pasta with marinara, delicious farmer’s market green salads, savory Lasagna, and personal 10″ pizzas. The atmosphere is family casual but appropriate for a quick business lunch. The proprietor/chef is on the premises most days and is very friendly and inviting. I highly recommend Pop’s Back Door South as a destination lunch or dinner location.


Pop’s Backdoor originally opened at its first location in the Brightleaf area of Downtown Durham in early 2008. Then the restaurant moved to its current location in South Durham in the summer of 2010. Pop’s Backdoor South was previously a part of the Durham Restaurant Group, including Pop’s Trattoria and Rue Cler. In January 2013, Chef Jefe Lubiano and his wife, Shannon Lubiano, became the new owners of Pop’s Backdoor South. Chef Jefe Lubiano initially worked at Pop’s Trattoria as a line cook in 2003. Chef Lubiano later returned to work at Pop’s Trattoria, as Sous Chef, in August 2011 and continued to work for the Durham Restaurant Group until he took ownership of Pop’s Backdoor South.

About the Chef/Owner

Jefe Lubiano has over 11 years of experience working in the restaurant industry. Chef Lubiano graduated in 2007 from the L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD, earning his degree in Culinary Arts. Chef Lubiano is no stranger to the Durham area. He has worked at several well-known Durham area restaurants, including Pop’s Trattoria, Nana’sWashington Duke Inn & Golf Club, and Four Square Restaurant. Chef Lubiano has also worked for Chef Jeffrey Buben at Bistro Bis & Vidalia in Washington, DC, and Chef Cindy Wolf & Tony Foreman at Cinghiale in Baltimore, MD.