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Emily Blunt is beautiful.  Men and women agree.  The reason we all find her so attractive is not due to her British accent or the Mary Poppins elan.  Most of us have been exposed to the Brit dialects via Masterpiece Theatre (upstairs and downstairs) or someone in the office.  Some of us were blessed with local Public television and radio, which feature the BBC output.  I was reared on Channel 4 productions and now BBC1. Lucky lads were exposed to the life lessons of “The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin.” The reason Emily Blunt is so absolutely over the moon is based on all of her, everything she conveys on talk shows and in film.   There is honesty, grace, and effortless humor.  Emily Blunt is beautiful


Just listen to John Krasinski talk about his outstanding wife.

Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
90% Rotten Tomatoes
Dolby Vision
Action & Adventure
1 Hour 53 Minutes
4.2 stars, 2.7K Ratings
An alien race, undefeatable by any existing military unit, has launched a relentless attack on Earth, and Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) finds himself dropped into a suicide mission. Killed within minutes, Cage is thrown into a time loop, forced to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again and again. Training alongside warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), his skills slowly evolve, and each battle moves them one step closer to defeating the enemy in this fun action thriller.



While Anna Wintour is abroad, Emily Blunt (who has some very relevant experience) fills her shoes and takes charge at the Vogue office while answering 73 questions. As Emily fulfills her duties as Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, she talks about the pizza in New York City, becoming Mary Poppins, and what she’s learned about fashion from her movie roles.

Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
Producer: Marina Cukeric
DP: Cole Evelev
PM: Josh Young
Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
Post Sound: Bang World
Styling: Taylor Angino


Emily Blunt from A quiet place 2

Emily Blunt Interview

Girl on A Train

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


If they hear you, they hunt you. In this terrifyingly suspenseful thriller, a family must navigate their lives in silence to avoid mysterious creatures that hunt by sound. Knowing that even the slightest whisper or footstep can bring death, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and Lee (John Krasinski) Abbott are determined to find a way to protect their children at all costs while they desperately search for a way to fight back. Hailed by critics and audiences around the world, experience the must-see movie of the year.


Ewan McGregor (Beginners) and Emily Blunt (The Adjustment Bureau) star alongside Oscar©-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas (I’ve Loved You So Long) and Amr Waked (Syriana) in this extraordinary, beguiling tale of fly-fishing and political spinning, of unexpected heroism and late-blooming love and of an attempt to prove the impossible, possible. Directed by Oscar©-nominee Lasse Hallström (Chocolat) and written by Oscar©-winner Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire), this feature film is based on Paul Torday’s acclaimed novel about a scientist who looks to fulfills a sheikh’s dream of bringing the sport of fly-fishing to his homeland in Yemen. It is produced by Paul Webster (The Motorcycle Diaries) and executive produced by Jamie Laurenson, Stephen Garrett, Paula Jalfon, Zygi Kamasa and Guy Avshalom.


emily-blunt-head shot

Sicario (11/11) Movie CLIP – A Land of Wolves (2015) HD


Two stunning examples of Emily Blunt’s honest emotional range (Sicario and Quiet Place). We hesitate to call this acting as it so honest it places us under her skin, right in the heart of the scene with her. See Verisimilitude

We know it when we see it and Emily Blunt takes us there each and every time the camera finds her-we merry millions, alert and aware to notice-honest talent.

FILM DESCRIPTION: An idealistic FBI agent (Emily Blunt) is assigned to work a dangerous stretch of the US-Mexico border by her superior officer (Josh Brolin). She’s exposed to the brutality of the Mexican drug cartel, and becomes partners with a defector from the cartel (Benicio Del Toro) who possesses keen knowledge about the organization. As she gets deeper into the ruthlessness and corruption surrounding the FBI sting to find the organizations leaders, her moral and professional boundaries are pushed to their breaking point. Denis Villeneuve directs this pulse-pounding crime drama, which competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

CLIP DESCRIPTION: Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) threatens Kate (Emily Blunt) and forces her to sign a document stating everything they did was by the books.

CREDITS: TM & © Lionsgate (2015) Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt Director: Denis Villeneuve Producers: Thad Luckinbill, Stacy Perskie, Molly Smith, Ellen H. Schwartz, Edward McDonnell, Basil Iwanyk, Trent Luckinbill, Emma McGill, John Starke, Erica Lee Screenwriter: Taylor Sheridan


A Quiet Place – The Birth of Baby Abbott [HD]


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